Hi, I'm Ian!

I'm an engineer and live in Cypress, Texas with my wife Allison.

In 2020 gyms were forced to close down when we needed them the most, so I decided to build my own in my garage. Wanting to share my new space with others, I became a certified personal trainer and offered my gym to anyone trying to get healthier, stronger, faster or fitter.

My enjoyment of helping others hit their goals led me to create Cypress Training Center in 2021 with the purpose of eliminating as much friction as possible between people and their fitness goals. I do this by offering a clear path to becoming strong, lean, and healthy - whether that happens in my gym or across the country. Regardless of the objective, all of my programs will revolve around building a solid foundation of strength as I believe this is key to building a healthy body.

But enough about me, hit the link below and let's get in touch!

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